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2016 Excellence in Pediatrics Conference

From Thursday, 8 December thru to Saturday, 10 December we will be at Church House Conference Centre in London for the 2016 Excellence in Pediatrics Institute (EiP) conference. This is the second year that we work with EiP, the HBSC International Coordinating Centre and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education to co-organise this annual adolescent pediatrics conference. This year’s event, which has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to provide 15 hours of European external CME credits, features 85 speakers and over 100 sessions across 4 parallel tracks, including one dedicated […]

Expert meeting in Edinburgh to advance European adolescent health

As part of the monitoring process for Investing in children: the European child and adolescent health strategy 2015-2020 (CAH strategy), our centre has been working in the development of the tools used to track and support its implementation in the European region. One aspect of this project involve a working meeting in Edinburgh 27-28 October 2016 (See Scope and Purpose document) to develop and deliver a process that better integrates tools that can support all Member States in their efforts to implement the CAH […]

Prof Gerry Humphris makes the news in Scotland

Our co-Director, Professor Gerry Humpris, made the news with his collaborative work to develop a revolutionary “mobile health buddy” app to help people quit smoking. Check out the press release below: Scientists at the University of St Andrews have developed a revolutionary “mobile health buddy” app to help people quit smoking. Unlike other health apps, the project brings together statistical modelling, behavioural psychology, self-tracking, and computer science. In the coming weeks the St Andrews team in partnership with GP Dr […]

Online consultation with young people: What influences your health?

We are working with the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study to incorporate the voice of young people in their next HBSC survey that will take place in 2017/18. If you are a young person between the ages of 11 and 17, please complete the short online survey below to let us know about the areas of health that you think HBSC should research. Your answers are really important and we are very grateful to you for taking the time to […]

Seminar on adolescent mental wellbeing in the European Nordic Region

We have been working with colleagues from the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study in Sweden based at the Public Health Agency of Sweden on the development of a seminar entitled ‘Adolescent Mental Wellbeing: Status of the Nordic Region.’ This event marks the culmination of a series of seminars to understand recent trends in declining mental health amongst Swedish youth (see Related materials below). The seminar took place on Tuesday, 14 June at 13:30 at Konferens Spårvagnshallarna in Stockholm, Sweden. […]

2015 EiP Conference starts today

Today marks the start of the 2015 Excellence in Pediatrics Institute conference at Church House Conference Centre in London. This year the WHO CC has been a co-organiser along with the HBSC International Coordinating Centre and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.This event runs until 12 December 2015 and features a number of internationally renowned Faculty, including 23 HBSC speakers and another 23 HBSC accepted scientific abstracts. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about the interesting topics that are being discussed during the […]

The WHO CC held two very successful events on New Psychoactive Substances (‘legal highs’)

The WHO Coordinating Centre for International Child & Adolescent Health Policy held two very successful events. The first of these events was an educational session with Professor Fabrizio Schifano presenting. The second was a roundtable workshop session. The title of this was New Psychoactive Substances (‘legal highs’) and young people: what’s the story? This event was attended by an exciting group of individuals which included pupils from The High School of Dundee, Madras and St Leonards, university students, guidance teachers, researchers, […]

What are New Psychoactive Substances (‘Legal Highs’)?

The WHO Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy will shortly be holding an event.  What are New Psychoactive Substances (‘Legal Highs’)? Guest speaker: Professor Fabrizio Schifano from the University of Hertfordshire.  This event will be held on Monday 27 October, 9.30-10.30am.  Lecture Theatre C, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews.

Does the involvement of children and young people improve programme effectiveness?  

The WHO Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy has embarked on a systematic review which aims to summarise the scientific evidence base on the benefits of involving children and young people in the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes aiming to secure health and its related outcomes. The objectives of this project are to: describe the range of theoretical perspectives available to develop appropriate logic models that can help to make explicit pathways to health and wellbeing; […]

Violence Prevention – Policy, Practice and Avocacy

This event was organised by the University of St Andrews Medical School in collaboration with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and the Social Dimensions of Health Institute.  It was also organised in partnership with the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy, which was formally launched in April 2014. March 25 2014 8.30am – 6pm. Delegate Pack March