Our own Dr. Damien J. Williams presenting at BPS Seminar Series: Theory, methods, and impact in the field of bullying in schools

Today, Wednesday, 29 March our own Dr. Damien Williams, Lecturer in Public Health gave a talk at the BPS Seminar Series: Theory, methods, and impact in the field of bullying in schools. In this first seminar focused on Tackling bullying in schools Damien gave a talk about the Mentors in Violence Prevention in Scottish high schools (MVP).

This seminar series, which consists of 3 seminars, seeks to consolidate and develop existing links between academics, policy-makers, anti-bullying charities, and education professionals with regards to the issue of bullying in schools. In addition, the seminars will seek to develop an agenda for research and related theory, practice, and policy for the medium-term future in the UK. Finally, the seminars will aim to provide support and training relating to innovative and state-of-the-art research methods and analytic techniques. In these ways, the seminars will encourage a network of professionals to work coherently and collaboratively toward more effectively understanding and addressing bullying in school contexts

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March 29 Seminar 1: Tackling bullying in schools

Seminar Series

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