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Collaboration with Excellence in Pediatrics Institute, Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC), and the Leadership Foundation on 2015 EiP Conference

The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC), an international alliance of researchers across 44 countries in Europe and North America will be revealing analysis of its trend data at the 2015 conference. The survey has been collecting primary data since 1983 from over a million 11, -13 and 15 year old boys and girls on all aspects of their health and well being, social environments and health behaviors. The leading pediatric experts will then use these latest trends to offer practical […]

2015 EiP Conference starts today

Today marks the start of the 2015 Excellence in Pediatrics Institute conference at Church House Conference Centre in London. This year the WHO CC has been a co-organiser along with the HBSC International Coordinating Centre and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.This event runs until 12 December 2015 and features a number of internationally renowned Faculty, including 23 HBSC speakers and another 23 HBSC accepted scientific abstracts. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about the interesting topics that are being discussed during the […]